Hi I'm just an 18 years old dork who likes to draw all the time and is unhealthly obsessed with tv shows and books. i even get to finish a drawing sometimes

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*whisper* why are people start following me when i do absolutly nothing?

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I really wish I’d got into the actual halls of comic con since i know who was there like the teen wolf cast or cumberbatch it would have been the most amazing thing ever! but sadly i gotta wait for the next convention i can attend ;)
we went into an art gallery and my mom got me this awesome drawing from httyd2 for my birthday i loove it❤️ it was a great day

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mum: i want to meet your boyfriend

me: yeah me too

I cant believe I’ll go to comic con

well not actually IN the actual hall but outside and i’m so excited! it’s pretty damn awesome cause it’s my birthday too soo heck yess!! i already know that i’ll see the wtnv panel which is outside and gonna see some other cool stuff.

Howl’s Moving Castle
2004 Japanese theatrical poster

We went to Sea World today and it was amazing!! so many awesome and interesting things to see! and tomorrow I’ll visit Comic Con!!!! It’s gonna be an hella awesome birthday✨

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Landscapes, 2014 | by Anthony Samaniego


if i get rich my mom gettin paid first thing


Rin Appreciation Week Day 1: Time

Headcanon: Rin reaches an age where he forgets everyone.

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Rin Appreciation Week:

Day 1: Time

Headcanon: Rin visits Shiro’s grave after defeating Satan.


"Dear Maria, Count Me In"

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